“I’m in Healthier Physical Condition”

I have known Lynn Kirschner about a year. She impressed me with her energy and motivational attitude and I have taken advantage of her professional abilities as a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor.

My first Pilates session was a bit of an awakening, but through her attention and instruction, I was able to move forward with a regular and rewarding exercise program. I am positive that I would not or, even could not have done it on my own. She encouraged, prodded, and pushed me to a healthier physical condition.

She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and takes great care not to go beyond my capabilities. I will continue to take advantage of her services in the future. She offers both private and group mat lessons for her clients. Additionally, she offers post Op Breast Cancer Survival Classes.

I wholeheartedly recommend her professionally and personally.

Jean M. Kughn
Monroe, Oregon

“Lynn Makes Pilates Exercise Fun”

It is with great pleasure that I tell you of my friend and fellow Assistance League volunteer.

Her Outstanding People Skills Make Efforts Fun!
In January 2012, Lynn began training me ever patiently, coaching me to correct a pose. Her knowledge of the human body and mobility not only enhanced my lessons, but my everyday posture and movement. Her outstanding people skills make exercise fun as she jokes with me, or gently asks, as she moves an appendage to its right place.

She is thoroughly professional in her work… asking for and using a personal health history, maintaining privacy, and keeping progress records which she reviews before each new session.

She is positively passionate about exercise and personal fitness for the people she serves, whatever may be their circumstances in life.

Barbara McMinds

“Exercise Helped with my Cancer Recovery…”

Research now shows that exercise throughout cancer treatment helps with recovery.

Regular exercise with Lynn helped with my Cancer Recovery
Lynn Kirschner worked with me during my two post-operative recoveries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Because of her Pink Ribbon Program, I am doing pretty darn well considering all that I have endured these past nine months. I believe that my regular exercise with Lynn and eating well has made a big difference in my recovery. I truly believe that knowledge is empowering. The more you know the better choices you can make. It’s never too late to take control of your own health.

Call Lynn to make a difference in your recovery. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Ann Davis Corvallis, OR

“Lynn developed a program that works for me”

I have been extremely impressed with Lynn’s professionalism, expertise, and willingness to work with any level of client.

Huge Improvement in my Pain Level! She has constantly worked to come up with new ways to help me improve my physical situation and was able to use her knowledge base to develop a program that works for me on an individual basis. She has also given me many suggestions of things that I can do at home to help myself. When I first came to see Lynn, I had been through six weeks of physical therapy for herniated disks in my back. The injury had impacted my ability to stand for any period of time without significant pain as well as my ability to walk comfortably. I had never considered myself an athletic person and was concerned that what she had to offer might be beyond me.

Lynn’s encouragement and her conviction that anyone can succeed in overcoming a physical barrier helped me to see that I could improve and that I could do all the things she asked of me. The result has been a huge improvement in my pain level, added flexibility, and (most importantly!) the confidence that I can reach normal function again. Thanks to her, I am walking and moving with much less pain and feel free to take up living outside my apartment again. It is wonderful to see Lynn share my excitement about this!

Lynn is a great coach with the education and experience to see anyone through a physical development program. She not only helped me to heal, but she allowed me to see myself in a different light. I’m so glad that I have been able to work with her.

Kathryn J Gregory
Woodbridge VA

“Lynn Transformed my Body”

In ten months, I transformed my 59 year old body from weak and aging to active and strong through Lynn Kirschner’s professional instruction of Pilates exercise . I lost a lot of inches!

Previously, I took four years of Hatha Yoga instruction in Corvallis, and did not get the trimness and strength to climb up stairs quickly and easily and hike miles with my husband who loves hiking. With my arthritic knees, weak rotary cuffs of my shoulders, and a weak back with scoliosis (one leg is ¾” shorter than the other leg), Lynn gives the exercise I needed to strengthen the muscles to alleviate my problems.

It is amazing how Lynn can analyze my physical condition during that Pilate lesson. She knows many alternative exercises that will help correct these muscular issues. Perhaps it is Lynn’s 30+ years of teaching dance and physical fitness to gain that perspective of a person’s body when teaching Pilates.

I would recommend Lynn to anyone who wanted a more active life and energetic attitude both from a private Pilate instruction with the reformer or mat instruction, both of which I have taken.

Sincerely, Daryl Thaw
Corvallis, Oregon

“Lynn is Passionate and Caring”

The initial reaction was that of great sadness when we heard of Lynn’s plan to depart the area to go to the west coast.

Lynn's Passion for Teaching is Priceless. However, because I know how passionate and caring Lynn is, I am refocusing that energy to support and promote the wonderful assets that Lynn possesses and brings wherever she goes! Lynn has been teaching for many years, and the last 3 at our facility have been a focus on creating and implementing Pilates exercise on multiple levels. From Reformer and mat exercise classes, to Pink Ribbon and sport specific Pilates, she has shared her professional expertise in so many ways.

Because Lynn and I have worked so closely to launch our successful Pilates studio, there is joy in knowing that she can leave the area and share her skills and knowledge with the confidence that success will be a sure result! Whether in public, private, corporate, or home-based setting, Lynn’s ability to adapt and provide safe, technically correct instruction, her progressive attitude, and her passion for teaching are priceless. She will be missed more than she knows by her colleagues, clients, and those she has touched with her unique style and perseverance.

It is very difficult to convey the essence of Lynn Kirschner in written form. If you would like to talk further about Lynn, I am available at 703-590-9736 or cfermin@pwcparks.org

With Sincerity,
Carmen Fermine
Fitness Manager