Personal Trainer

I am a dancer, a choreographer, and above all else… a teacher and personal trainer.

Personal Trainer,
Lynn Kirschner

Lifelong Passion

I’m Lynn Kirschner, a personal trainer and I’ve have been teaching for more than 30 years. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a lifelong passion. Teaching and witnessing others fall in love with dance and fitness, as I had, magnified my joy in movement.

Spine and Shoulders

Most of my clients come to me having a variety of structural issues. I have a strong understanding of spine and shoulder problems and the modifications needed to achieve physical health.

I understand how to bring all the benefits of Pilates to a body that needs it the most.

I’ve taught Pilates, ballet, jazz, modern dance, and physical fitness to students from ages 3-83 and I’ve loved every minute of it!

My Education

  • Completed 18 months of training with the “Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training”, formally known as Core Dynamics
  • Certified Breast Cancer Exercise specialist by the Pink Ribbon Program
  • Completed other workshops, including Pilates for dancers, and have received three certifications from the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research
  • Associate degree from Cincinnati Conservatory and 12 credits short of a BA in Fine Arts from University of Maryland.

Teaching Background

  • Personal Trainer in Pilates, specializing in clients with back and shoulder injuries
  • Exercise specialist for breast cancer survivors
  • Private Pilates and post-rehab instructor to all ages and structural conditions
  • Mentor new teachers, coordinate class schedules and volunteers for performances
  • Taught at The Washington Ballet, and many places around the country

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Director of the Prince William Performing Art Theater
  • Managed a fitness center in Plano, Texas, teaching dance, fitness to gymnastics students and fitness to general clients
  • Professional modern dancer and soloist, with Maryland Dance Theater
  • Danced for Prochotsky Dance Center in Washington, DC


Professional Association & Certifying


Understanding the Powerhouse Muscles

The Power of Pilates

In 2006 I broke my back.

I had to undergo spinal fusion back surgery and two rotator cuff surgeries. As a result, I was unable to continue teaching. Soon after surgery I started back therapy with a Pilates instructor which saved me from further injuries and surgery, and introduced me to a community of mind-body health.

I Became Certified in Pilates

I began my career as a Pilates Instructor so I could create a community where I could continue to heal myself and begin the healing of others. I have received three “Teachers Excellent” awards from the state of Virginia, won a Choreographer of the Year award, and was a professional modern dancer with Maryland Dance Theater.

Fitness for Life

My fitness philosophy: To strengthen the whole body, with a focus on core exercises, to leave you feeling refreshed and energized! The techniques I teach strengthen everyday movements, so you can participate in daily activities such as golf, gardening, or cycling with ease!

Garden with ease.

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer


Strengthen your gold swing.